Broker Spotlight: Ben Schiller

Meet Ben Schiller, our new Sales Associate.

Ben may be the new guy on the block, but he’s no rookie. Previously working for a decade at a Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO affiliate in the Buffalo, NY market, Ben’s passion for the business started with an internship at the company and grew into a successful career.

Hailing from Buffalo, he knows a thing or two about the midwestern, rust-belt mentality of hard work, grit and determination complementing a genuinely thoughtful disposition. That’s why Cleveland was a seamless move for him when he came here in the fall of 2018.

Cleveland is a larger market than Buffalo with more businesses and inventory, and while he’s starting in industrial, he recognizes an opportunity to expand his specializations here. And he’s hoping to bring new energy and a fresh look on Cleveland commercial real estate, which has a lot of buildings and space, but low availability in a high-demand market.

That kind of challenge is what Ben loves so much about his job: The opportunities are endless. “You get what you put into it,” he says. “You have to really care about your customer and client’s needs.”

To do that, Ben comes prepared for every project. He brings a skill set to the table that enables him to connect the dots between his client’s needs and the available opportunities that may or may not have been thought about before. And he’s not afraid to mix in good old-fashioned tactics when they are called for.

Ben recalls one situation that began with a simple cold call and resulted in two transactions. He called on a business that was evolving because of the changing technology landscape. During the call, he discovered that their building was not going to be suitable for the direction their business was headed. He listed their property, sold it, and found a new location for their headquarters that would grow with the business.

Building trust and relationships have helped Ben become a respected broker, as well as a valued co-worker. He thrives in collaborative environments that foster personal relationships, which is why Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO is a great fit. The ability to work independently on occasion while maintaining a close, cooperative and communicative relationship with his clients enables boundless opportunity for success.

“We are all still learning,” he says. “Everyone in all phases of their career in all different places is still learning. Every deal, every client has a different need.”

But it’s not just the business opportunities that paint a positive picture of Cleveland for Ben. The Cleveland Metroparks and the city’s cultural scene — particularly the Playhouse Square theater district, the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Orchestra — have him excited to take advantage of his downtime. He’s already looking forward to connecting with people who are what he considers “salt-of-the-Earth” folks who have innovative and can-do mentalities, as well as being a part of the vibrant Jewish community in Cleveland.

We are thrilled to welcome Ben to our Cleveland firm! To get in touch with him, email

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