Broker Spotlight: Bill Saltzman

Striking the balance between the analytical and the creative has always been Bill Saltzman’s passion.

From a young age, Bill fell in love with music and the arts, but his inquisitive mind also nurtured his enthusiasm for arithmetic and analytical thinking. After earning a B.B.A. in Economics from Ohio University, Bill took a position with a manufacturing company while investing in a small real estate side project.

During the renovation of the property, Bill had an epiphany. “I found real estate square at the intersection of several interests of mine.  It was the perfect combination of creativity with architecture, design and space utilization and analytical thought with law, finance, psychology and problem-solving.”

Bill explored commercial real estate by methodically meeting with developers, brokers and property managers to gain a better understanding of the various roles within the industry to determine which opportunity would best fit his interests and personality. He began with a boutique brokerage agency, then spent several years as head broker for a regional development firm, before returning to general brokerage with a leading national company.

“Commercial real estate brokerage requires a different kind of problem-solving. You’re juggling multiple clients at one time, each with unique goals, challenges, constraints and complexities.  Projects require analysis and strategic thought and clients deserve proper counsel and guidance in navigating important issues. Occasionally, we solve problems for clients that they don’t even know that they have.”

Bill joined Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO in 2014 as Executive Vice President/ Director of Office Services where he also serves on Cushman & Wakefield’s prestigious Tenant Advisory Group.  In his view, Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO provides the best of both worlds – the strength, depth and reputation of an international industry leader coupled with the talent, culture and independence of a locally owned firm.

His advice to anyone considering the commercial real estate industry is: “know thyself. “

“It’s critical to understand who you are, what you’re trying to accomplish and the value you bring to the table. This industry requires a ton of patience, perseverance and grit. It takes an extraordinary mindset and belief in oneself beyond what other career paths may require.  Determination, discipline and a network of solid support will be critical factors in one’s success in this field.”

The enthusiasm and dedication that Bill has for music mirrors the passion that Bill has for his work and his clients. He is self-taught on piano and percussion and has been in bands throughout of his life. Today he is a member of two bands: playing keyboards with Johnny Elvis and the Crown Electrics, an Elvis tribute band that performs the early material from the popular artist’s career, and piano and percussion with The Original Waysiders, a 5-person acoustic ensemble that performs multiple genres including American roots, bluegrass and R&B. Bill also attends the Swannanoa Gathering, an annual songwriting workshop in Asheville, North Carolina where he works alongside several Grammy award-winning songwriters.

Bill enjoys spending his free time with his wife, Susan, who is an artist and runs web-based SToNZ, featuring her hand-crafted, sterling jewelry, and his twin daughters, Hayley and Stephanie who have both pursued careers in web-based companies in New York City.

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