Broker Spotlight: Eric Schreibman

For Eric Schreibman, being a broker in commercial real estate is all about being a trusted advisor, especially when clients need him the most.

Upon earning his law degree from Arizona State University, Eric found that what he enjoyed most in the legal profession was not necessarily the mechanics of practicing law, but the opportunity it provided him to act as a valued consultant to his clients by learning about their various business challenges. Since childhood, Eric’s extended family owned and managed a small portfolio of properties.  Over time, his affinity for real estate grew as he became more involved in the management, leasing and disposition of properties.

“What originally sparked my interest in becoming a broker/advisor was my recognition of how multi-faceted the real estate industry is. The challenges, people and goals vary with each client, and as a broker/advisor, you are required to have expertise (or know how to find and work with it) in many different arenas.”

In 2003, Eric decided to enter the commercial real estate industry full-time. One of the biggest challenges he has encountered is the misperception that the broker is merely a point of access to information.  In today’s era of the Internet and easy access to information, Eric has strived to break that perception and stand out as a true advisor from start to finish.

“I think a lot of people underestimate the difficulties of real estate transactions and strategic real estate decision making, and brokers are sometimes viewed as commodities. But it’s not as easy as just finding a workable space at a “market” rate. These are critical decisions that impact so many aspects of a business – the bottom line, sustainability and the platform for future growth. Commercial real estate deal-making is often intricate and complex. And, just like in the legal world, clients need an expert representing their best interests.”

After almost a decade of experience in private development and in corporate real estate at The Cleveland Clinic, Eric decided to join Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO in 2012. His attraction to the firm was not just based on its culture of collaboration and true entrepreneurism, but as importantly, because the firm shared his passion for providing consultation and specialized advisory services to its clients, particularly within the healthcare arena.  Since joining the firm, Eric has focused his practice on advising an array of corporate occupiers, with a particular emphasis on healthcare institutions and national specialty providers.

“Doing work for mission-driven institutions that have large teams of people involved in the decision-making process requires a great deal of trust – in both directions – as corporate team members rely on me as their advisor while I rely on them to navigate their organizational challenges and execute on recommended strategies.  In that regard, I’ve always enjoyed being part of a larger team charged with a mission-oriented goal.”

If Eric had to offer any piece of advice to anyone considering the real estate industry, it would be to select the right mentor and be willing to learn on the fly – by making mistakes and learning from them, rather than being afraid to risk looking foolish.

“It’s important to find someone that you really enjoy being with that is willing to invest the time and energy to guide and teach you. I’m lucky to have worked alongside the seasoned brokers here who have provided me with a lot of guidance and support throughout my 7 years at CRESCO.”

As a native Clevelander, Eric resides in Beachwood.  He has two girls and a boy, ages 10, 12 and 14. He enjoys writing and reading, and he cannot wait for the Browns to end his lifelong Super Bowl drought.

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