Broker Spotlight: Jason Laver

Jason Laver has always believed that the key to a successful, and contented career is to control your own destiny – which is exactly what attracted him to the commercial real estate industry.

After spending countless late-night hours working his way through college at the University of Toledo where he was enrolled in a pre-pharmacy program, Jason realized he needed more flexibility and freedom in his future.

“The ability to get as much out of your career as you put into it was the biggest draw to the industry. You hold the keys to your own success, and your future is limitless if you’re willing to do the work. Even more importantly, you’re constantly interacting with different people and businesses and making a real difference in their success.”

Jason was eventually relocated from his hometown of Toledo to Cleveland in 2000 to continue his real estate career where he spent the next 18 years gaining valuable experience both working for a local developer and establishing his own personal portfolio of properties.

In 2018 he joined Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO where he was excited to be joining a like-minded team of entrepreneurs that offered the perfect combination of resources from a global brand coupled with the convenience and agility of working with decision makers on a local level. Jason’s many years of hands-on experience as both a broker and property manager gives him a unique perspective on the industry that allows him to connect and engage with his clients on a higher level.

“There’s no school that can teach the critical aspects of this industry, so I knew that if I wanted to be successful I had to get my hands dirty. I was adamant about learning not just brokerage, but understanding all aspects involved in commercial real estate. By fully immersing myself into the various roles I was able to hone my skills as a broker and gain a clearer understanding of where my clients are coming from, and what’s really important to them.”

In the age of technology and access to information, clients are much more knowledgeable and savvy than they’ve ever been. For Jason, it means his role as an advisor and expert is critical now more than ever before. He’s passionate about educating his clients, helping them understand and navigate the intricacies and complexities involved in transactions and most importantly, making sure they get the best outcome possible.

If there’s one aspect Jason loves more than acting as a trusted advisor to his clients, it’s the versatility and variety that each new client or transaction brings.

“It’s in my nature to always be wearing many hats – I could never just do one thing every day. For me, every transaction is like a blank canvas; although you never really know how it’s going to turn out, each engagement has its own challenges, strategy and personality that all come together in the end. It’s beyond gratifying.”

Jason spends as much time as possible with his girlfriend, Lindsay, and their dog Cashius, at their home in Gates Mills. Even though he grew up in Toledo where he cheered for Detroit sports teams, he now considers himself a bona-fide, tortured Cleveland sports fan. He’s excited about the resurgence of downtown Cleveland and is grateful to be a part of the re-shaping of the real estate landscape of the city.

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