Tips for Purchasing or Leasing a Warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio

If so, this is likely an exciting—and perhaps stressful—time for your business. As businesses grow and expand, procuring new storage and distribution space is a natural next step. But this process can leave business owners with more questions than answers.  For instance, is it better to purchase or lease a warehouse space? How big should … Continued

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Made in Ohio: Industrial Demand in the Greater Cleveland Area

Turn on any news station and you’ll be bombarded with talk of trade wars and tariffs. Given all of this news coverage, it’s all too easy to wonder: do we make anything in America anymore? This sentiment is present right here in Ohio, too. Clevelanders often relish in the city’s industrial roots—as if our manufacturing, … Continued

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Leasing Industrial Space: What You Need to Know

Is your growing business in need of a larger industrial space for manufacturing, storage, fulfillment or distribution? Leasing industrial space (rather than purchasing the building outright) can be a smart financial decision for many types of businesses. That said, industrial space leases tend to be quite complex, and usually come with more considerations than standard … Continued

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