Data Center Real Estate Investment Potential

Considering investing in data center real estate? According to many industry experts, it’s a smart idea. As digital data becomes increasingly critical to both business operations and end consumers, our national need for data centers is continuing to rise as well. This growing demand presents a hot opportunity for commercial real estate investors seeking to … Continued

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How to Calculate Real Estate ROI on Investment Property

Are you interested in buying an office building as an investment, and planning to rent it out as a means of earning income? Investing in rental properties is a smart way to diversity your asset portfolio and increase your future wealth. It’s also a good way to boost your current cash flow, as you collect … Continued

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5 Reasons to Invest in Greater Cleveland Commercial Real Estate

Thinking about investing in commercial real estate? This can be a very exciting and rewarding endeavor, both financially and personally. Many investors get started in commercial real estate investment with the goal of securing more wealth.  However, commercial investment properties also offer other benefits: portfolio diversification, mitigated economic risks, and a sense of pride in … Continued

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Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Greater Cleveland: The Pros and Cons

Investing in commercial real estate is a smart way to diversify your income streams and build your wealth. Traditionally, commercial real estate may refer to any property that is leased out to business owners, which can include retail, office, industrial, warehouse, apartments or mixed-use buildings. Getting started with commercial real estate investment can be an … Continued