Tips for Purchasing or Leasing a Warehouse

Searching for a warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio? If so, this is likely an exciting—and perhaps stressful—time for your business. As businesses grow and expand, procuring new storage and distribution space is a natural next step. But this process can leave business owners with more questions than answers.  For instance, is it better to purchase or … Continued

Cleveland’s 5 Most Iconic Buildings

5 Most Iconic Buildings in Cleveland Cleveland’s most iconic buildings have been a source of pride for local residents for more than a century. Many of these structures played pivotal roles in the development and success of Cleveland’s economy, and continue to serve as beacons of industry and culture. From opulent Neoclassical banks to historic … Continued

The Value of Real Estate Preservation

The Value of Preservation When you drive past an old industrial complex or commercial block, what are you really seeing? To the untrained eye, these structures are nothing more than faded, ramshackle eyesores that should perhaps be torn down and replaced with something new. But at Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO, we see these historic … Continued

Land Banks: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

During the 2008 housing crisis, few regions were hit as hard as the greater Cleveland area. An astonishing number of mortgage and tax foreclosures, among other factors, led to a multi-billion dollar loss in Cuyahoga County’s real estate tax base. The market was in a state of utter chaos, and the future looked grim. In … Continued

The Rise of Co-Working in Cleveland

Co-working is rapidly redefining the office work environment. This trend has been quickly gaining steam in recent years, but many people have been left wondering what all the hype is about. What exactly is co-working, and what’s driving this transformation? An Overview on Co-Working  One official definition of co-working is “the use of an office … Continued

Made in Ohio: Industrial Demand in the Greater Cleveland Area

Turn on any news station and you’ll be bombarded with talk of trade wars and tariffs. Given all of this news coverage, it’s all too easy to wonder: do we make anything in America anymore? This sentiment is present right here in Ohio, too. Clevelanders often relish in the city’s industrial roots—as if our manufacturing, … Continued

New Residential Development in Birdtown Makes History

Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO’s David Leb represented the buyer in the purchase of the property located at 12501 Madison Avenue in the historic Birdtown neighborhood in Lakewood, Ohio. CRESCO’s Connor Redman represented the seller. Jim Miketo, owner of Forest City Shuffleboard in Ohio City, plans to transform the 20,471 square foot property into approximately … Continued

Leasing Industrial Space: What You Need to Know

Is your growing business in need of a larger industrial space for manufacturing, storage, fulfillment or distribution? Leasing industrial space (rather than purchasing the building outright) can be a smart financial decision for many types of businesses. That said, industrial space leases tend to be quite complex, and usually come with more considerations than standard … Continued

Choosing Your Ideal Medical Office Space

Leasing a medical office space is a major decision, and there are many important factors that should be considered before you sign an agreement. Whether you’re opening a brand new practice or expanding your existing practice, here is what you need to know before you lease or buy a medical office building. 1. Consider the … Continued

Selecting Retail Space: 7 Things to Consider

Whether you’re a retailer searching for the perfect storefront or an investor looking to purchase a new retail property, selecting the right retail space to rent or buy can be tricky.  How can you know whether you’re choosing the right location to appeal to your target demographic? Which factors are most important to consider when … Continued

Investing in Commercial Real Estate: The Pros and Cons

Investing in commercial real estate is a smart way to diversify your income streams and build your wealth. Traditionally, commercial real estate may refer to any property that is leased out to business owners, which can include retail, office, industrial, warehouse, apartments or mixed-use buildings. Getting started with commercial real estate investment can be an … Continued