To 3PL or Not to 3PL

By Richard Hamilton Retailers may face significant challenges when expanding further into online/eCommerce business. Some of these may involve issues in supply chain management. Probably one of the largest obstacles is developing an effective fulfillment strategy. When it comes to making this decision, it is advisable to review the possible benefits of using a 3PL (third-party … Continued

Staying at the Forefront of Wellness with Well Living Lab

By Despina Katsikakis, Alex Spilger and Allison Kim It’s no secret that the health and well-being of your employees tie directly to their overall productivity and ultimately your company’s bottom line. Or that providing a healthy environment is critical to attracting top talent in this increasingly competitive environment.  Most companies are well aware of these facts … Continued

Why Space Matters: Density

By David Smith Trends in office space usage since the Great Recession point toward tighter layouts. Occupiers have been looking for ways to shrink the amount of square footage allocated per employee. Currently, the national average is 194 square feet per employee, which is down 8.3% from 2009. The pace was especially strong in the first four years … Continued

Why Space Matters: Concessions

By David Smith There are opportunities coming for occupiers to find softer commercial real estate markets across the country. Factors driving this trend include increased construction in some markets and a pending slowdown in hiring that decreases demand for space, even as companies continue to shrink the amount of square footage allocated per each employee. All of this … Continued

Two Healthy Building Certifications on MOB Owners’ Radar

By Drew Arvay Medical office buildings and other healthcare facilities follow strict protocols for cleanliness, accessibility, and maintenance. But can a building actually improve the health of its occupants?  Two major healthy building certifications — WELL Building Standard® and Fitwel® — dare to do just that. The two building certifications focus on the health and well-being … Continued

Why Space Matters: Parking

By David Smith Ride-sharing options are on the rise, and more employees than ever before are working from home or remotely. And yet, in 2018, the competition for landing a parking spot outside an office building is fierce. The average monthly cost for an office building parking spot ended 2017 at $183, which was up 6.4% … Continued

Incentives Outlook for Data Center Site Selection

By Randolph Borron There are hundreds of factors to consider when choosing a location for a new data center development, and each factor is weighted differently depending on the company’s business plan or purpose of the data center. Typically, the most important considerations for site selection decisions are taxes and access to power and robust fiber … Continued

Why Space Matters: Amenities

By David Smith Everyone, it would seem, is focused on experience as a differentiator in their business. Customer experience. User experience. Employee experience. Customer experience is the way that retail stores are competing with eCommerce disruption. Technology firms obsess over user experience to ensure intuitive software is pleasurable and personal. Companies engaged in a historically competitive … Continued

NewCommerce: Malls – Class A, and Everything Else

By Garrick Brown Malls are continuously being faced with challenges in today’s retail climate— anchor tenants closing, chain stores trying to get out of long leases, stale food courts, online shopping, and consumers no longer making the trek. So how do you distinguish between Class A malls, which are still very much thriving, and the rest of … Continued

How Millennials are Changing the Workplace

By Cribb Altman Last week, I took a step back from the commercial real estate world to attend a healthcare conference, hoping to gain a fresh perspective on an industry other than my own. One of the largest topics discussed was how the face of healthcare is being radically changed by the innovation of technology and, … Continued

8 Things You Should Know About Coworking Space in 2018

By Jeff Lessard A transformative change has taken place in recent years – with the concept of coworking evolving from an alternative to a traditional office lease for start-ups and freelancers to becoming an integral component of bona fide corporate real estate portfolios. Here are eight key concepts for 2018 and beyond. Flexibility is King. Flexibility tops … Continued

The Coworking Phenomenon: Here to Stay?

By H. Cribb Altman Several transformative office trends have emerged in commercial real estate in recent years. Among the most notable is the proliferation of coworking space. Coworking has ballooned onto the scene, with a number of new operators coming into the market. Forbes reports that, as of the end of 2017, an estimated 1.2 million people had worked out of coworking locations. … Continued