Space Matters: How Competition for Talent is Changing the Workplace

Space matters. It’s one of the core tenets of the commercial real estate industry. As companies face continued competition, corporate real estate is one their best tools to attract and retain top talent. But what goes into the space companies want has also shifted over the years. Some of the most significant changes to the … Continued

Density. Parking. Amenities. Allowances. How does your market stack up?

By David Smith The current economic expansion, now the second longest in post-war history, continues to roll onward at a steady pace. This sustained growth is creating fierce competition for high-quality labor in most industries. Savvy commercial real estate executives are working alongside senior leadership in human resources and members of the C-suite to develop real estate … Continued

Multi-tenant Distribution: Smaller Warehouses, But Bigger Performance

By Dennis Kaiser Rapid growth in e-commerce has given rise to a new type of tenant that needs to support ever-tighter delivery commitments. Healthy demand and tight supply has made multitenant distribution (MTD) among the best performing commercial real estate segments, according to research by Cushman & Wakefield’s Jason Tolliver and Clay Westbrook. They found that … Continued

Commercial Real Estate Evolving on a Daily Basis

The commercial real estate market changes almost on a daily basis and many reasons exist to why. According to David Leb, sales associate at Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO Real Estate in Independence, and Scott Simon, president of North Pointe Realty in Mayfield Heights, the market can change for a number of reasons. “There is … Continued

Operational Flexibility is Helping Landlords Revive Dormant Properties

By Eliot Kijewski Some area landlords are finding new and better uses for industrial buildings that don’t fit the specifications today’s manufacturers desire. To turn those properties productive again, they’re re imagining them as mixed-use, residential and retail spaces that have the potential to anchor burgeoning neighborhoods. Landlords who have a shell of a former industrial-use … Continued

Cybersecurity Has a Major Capital Opportunity

By Kevin Imboden Each day the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, with 90% of all existing data created over the past two years alone. With more of our business and personal lives being stored and logged online, the need for cybersecurity has never been more urgent. Damages related to cybercrime are estimated to surpass … Continued

Multi-Tenant Distribution Warehouse Outlook

By Jason Tolliver Smaller Warehouse, Bigger Performance The multitenant distribution (MTD) warehouse segment is generally described as warehouse/distribution buildings with small-to-medium footprints (typically 200,000 square feet or smaller), often with column spacing of 40 feet by 40 feet and clear height under 24 feet. Traditionally, tenants of these facilities tended to be local and regional distributors. … Continued

Q1 2018 U.S. Shopping Center Market Beat

By Garrick Brown and Pam Flora Strong economic fundamentals carried into 2018 with the U.S. unemployment rate remaining unchanged at a low 4.1%, and competition for both skilled and unskilled workers putting upward pressure on wages. Consumer confidence remains at a historically high level indicating future growth. These consumer metrics are all positive signs for a strong retail … Continued

Industrial Investor Outlook & Trends

By Michael Schaeffer The U.S. economy is poised for even more growth – at least according to the latest economic data on consumer spending, global trade manufacturing, intermodal rail volumes and other metrics. According to our firm’s U.S. Macro Forecast real GDP has averaged about 2% growth per year throughout the last economic expansion, and business … Continued

Food Halls of North America: The Sharing Economy for Restaurants

By Garrick Brown The restaurant business has always been subject to fads. One year, fish tacos are all the rage and the next year, it’s all about better burgers. Whether it’s avocado toast or Korean street barbeque, every new concept is vying for a permanent seat at the American table. One of the hottest trends right … Continued

How Can a Retailer Compete with Amazon?

By Ben Conwell We often hear from new retailer clients that Amazon is hurting their business, and “How can we compete successfully now that Amazon is seemingly everywhere?” The answer to this isn’t cut and dry because it depends on the retailer, the product offering and the target consumer. Competing with Amazon is no small task. Amazon has … Continued

Is an Office Construction Tsunami Coming?

By Ken McCarthy The U.S. seems to overbuild just when the economy turns down, leading to a glut of space that takes time to work off. We saw it in 2008, in 2001 and, most dramatically, in 1991, when the overbuilding was so substantial it took almost five years to work through. It happens every time, … Continued