Multi-Tenant Distribution Warehouse Outlook

By Jason Tolliver Smaller Warehouse, Bigger Performance The multitenant distribution (MTD) warehouse segment is generally described as warehouse/distribution buildings with small-to-medium footprints (typically 200,000 square feet or smaller), often with column spacing of 40 feet by 40 feet and clear height under 24 feet. Traditionally, tenants of these facilities tended to be local and regional distributors. … Continued

Q1 2018 U.S. Shopping Center Market Beat

By Garrick Brown and Pam Flora Strong economic fundamentals carried into 2018 with the U.S. unemployment rate remaining unchanged at a low 4.1%, and competition for both skilled and unskilled workers putting upward pressure on wages. Consumer confidence remains at a historically high level indicating future growth. These consumer metrics are all positive signs for a strong retail … Continued

Industrial Investor Outlook & Trends

By Michael Schaeffer The U.S. economy is poised for even more growth – at least according to the latest economic data on consumer spending, global trade manufacturing, intermodal rail volumes and other metrics. According to our firm’s U.S. Macro Forecast real GDP has averaged about 2% growth per year throughout the last economic expansion, and business … Continued

Food Halls of North America: The Sharing Economy for Restaurants

By Garrick Brown The restaurant business has always been subject to fads. One year, fish tacos are all the rage and the next year, it’s all about better burgers. Whether it’s avocado toast or Korean street barbeque, every new concept is vying for a permanent seat at the American table. One of the hottest trends right … Continued

How Can a Retailer Compete with Amazon?

By Ben Conwell We often hear from new retailer clients that Amazon is hurting their business, and “How can we compete successfully now that Amazon is seemingly everywhere?” The answer to this isn’t cut and dry because it depends on the retailer, the product offering and the target consumer. Competing with Amazon is no small task. Amazon has … Continued

Is an Office Construction Tsunami Coming?

By Ken McCarthy The U.S. seems to overbuild just when the economy turns down, leading to a glut of space that takes time to work off. We saw it in 2008, in 2001 and, most dramatically, in 1991, when the overbuilding was so substantial it took almost five years to work through. It happens every time, … Continued

Consumers, computers and co-mingling … a glimpse into the future of retail

By Justin Taylor Consumers, computers and co-mingling… a glimpse into the future of retail Disruption and retail are now somewhat synonymous. Over the last 10 years we have seen a seismic shift in consumer habits, models of retail and use of technology. Pretending that the retail sector isn’t going to change doesn’t help anyone. However, those … Continued

Raising the Roof – There’s Nowhere to Go But Up

By Jason Tolliver Over the past 20 years, the average rentable building area (RBA) for newly delivered warehouses has increased drastically. Thanks to eCommerce and the desire to optimize “cubage” to get the most bang for your buck, buildings have been expanding both out and up. In fact, our research shows that the average ceiling height … Continued

Retail Trends Top 10

By Justin Taylor During 2017 many questions were raised over the future of retail, with many claiming that retail as we know it was ‘dying.’ However, there is cause for optimism. If 2017 was the year of retail’s decline, 2018 is the start of the ‘retail evolution’. But what’s next beyond all this? Looking ahead, we … Continued

The Growing World of Flexible Office Space

By David Smith Commercial real estate is not the fastest moving of industries. That said, the coworking trend has grown rapidly and is changing how both investors and occupiers think about their real estate portfolios. Across the United States, 50% of the current stock of coworking square footage has come online since mid-2015. Most of this … Continued

Reviving Dead Malls: Not as Easy as it Seems

By Ben Conwell As you drive past an empty lot, you may come across the sign “Mall Closing.”  Undeniably over the last several years, there has been a dramatic shift in the U.S. retail industry, and it’s due in some degree to the growth of eCommerce. In 2006, there were 1,350 malls in the United States; … Continued

Multi-Story Warehouses Are the Future

By John Morris Over the last several years, the industrial real estate market has registered the strongest run on record. Thanks to economic growth, both domestic and global, and the advancement of eCommerce, Cushman & Wakefield is predicting continued growth for the sector through 2019. The challenge? Space is at a premium. It’s more difficult than ever … Continued