CRESCO Broker Spotlight: Connor Redman

Building isn’t something Connor Redman does… it’s who he is.  Whether making furniture at home or making deals happen for Cushman & Wakefield I CRESCO, Connor is always out to shape the future the way he sees it.

Connor has been with the firm for less than a year and is already creating quite a stir.  He recently closed a transaction that will help transition a historic building in Wooster into an exciting residential destination with new apartments.  Growing up in Wooster gave Connor a unique advantage and understanding of the market and positioned him well to understand the need for premium downtown living space and the opportunity to turn the iconic Quinby building into something fresh and exceptional.

Not one to dwell in the past, however, Connor sees special things happening every day in the Cleveland market.  He’s excited about the activity he’s seeing all across the region, from new mixed use developments like Pinecrest in Orange Village to new construction like the Beacon Building.  All the positive press for Cleveland these days is enticing investors from across the country and the world, and Connor is relentless in getting the best terms for his clients no matter how they find their way to this market.

Connor sees market momentum building because of buyers coming off the sidelines.  Everyone is sitting on capital, from traditional investors who have been doing it for a long time to small mom and pop clients who have only owned their own building and they now want to invest in more.  Connor views his role as giving them an opportunity to get into the game and helps them find a price point they can afford.

Connor brings a fresh perspective to the commercial real estate industry and offers this advice to other young professionals considering the career: find a broker or a firm who’s willing to train you and show you the ropes.  It’s a complicated business and learning from the best professionals will set you up for long-term success.

That also happens to be the best piece of advice he’s taken – and why he’s chosen to become a member of the Cushman & Wakefield I CRESCO team!

Questions for Connor? Email him at  He’d love to hear from you and talk about his passion for real estate and his clients.

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