Driving Diversity in Commercial Real Estate

By Trixy Walker, Property Manager at Cushman & Wakefield

As a female in a male-dominated profession, the road to success has not always been an easy road traveled. There have been a unique set of challenges that I have experienced as a woman in commercial real estate, an industry that has historically been a “boys club.”

This past Sunday was Women’s Equality Day. As women within this male-dominated industry, I believe it is important to come together to celebrate this day and the way in which companies within commercial real estate are beginning to establish diversity, but also to take note of how far we still have to go. It is so important that women work together and support each other’s aspirations and goals in order to help diversity to thrive.

To me, diversity is people with different backgrounds and experiences working together to achieve a common goal. Diversity goes way beyond race or ethnicity. It’s important for companies to embrace diversity despite differences in gender, religion, sexual orientation, or mental/physical limitations.

Diversity in the workplace is important for all employees because it benefits both the employees and the employers. One main benefit of a diverse workforce is the ability to tap into the many talents which employees from different backgrounds, perspectives, abilities and disabilities bring to the workplace. Workplace diversity fosters mutual respect, and because each person has a unique way of thinking and working, it allows our teams to become more well-rounded with varying points of view. This can help a new idea or best practice come to light as we work together side-by-side.

Programs like the Women’s Integrated Network (WIN) at Cushman & Wakefield help with diversity by aiding in the recruitment and retention of women to this male-dominated industry. Additionally, being part of WIN has allowed me to grow different talents, skill and experiences, to take my career to the next level.

Trixy Walker is a Commercial real estate property management professional with excellent organization skills. Day-to-day responsibilities include managing capital improvement projects and tenant build-outs, developing and managing property budget, and managing tenant and property vendor relations.

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