Finding Office Space in Cleveland – What Works for You?

The office of the past, if you go back far enough, was fraught with inefficiency. Information had to be chiseled on stone tablets and awkwardly carried from place to place. Asking for revisions was a big hairy deal. “Hey, it’s not like this is all carved in stone!” was not a thing you could say.

But by the 1970s, offices contained most of the features and benefits we’re familiar with today, like finicky HVAC systems, one-ply toilet paper, and population density that affords the opportunity to eavesdrop on phone calls. What a delight to hear your coworkers having heated discussions about exorbitant shipping charges and scheduling dental cleanings on the down-low.

But what is the office of the future in Cleveland, Ohio?  We have seen the future and it is the Google campus in Silicon Valley. Spa cuisine, laundry service, daycare, napping pods, showers, and a fitness center with a rock-climbing wall! Everything in your visual field sparks joy and inspires creativity and problem-solving. They’ve thought of everything! You never have to leave! IT’S A TRAP! They don’t want you to leave! Anyway, if you work for ABC Plumbing Supply, they’re not getting you a rock-climbing wall.

Possibly the office of the future includes just a little more elbow room and privacy. Offices rather than cubicles for the rank and file, not just the CEO. Collaborative workspaces for when they are genuinely useful, room to think your own thoughts the rest of the workday. Electric charging stations for vehicles, safe affordable parking, and if it’s not too much to hope for, two-ply toilet paper.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic poked a lot of holes in an already problematic office landscape. For the past two years, companies have had to reevaluate their office needs. Coupled with a crippling employee shortage and competition for talent, businesses have had to shift now more than ever to meet the demands of their workforce.

In 2022, we refuse to go back to the one-ply, inefficient layouts that we saw in the past. But what do employees actually want? Well, it’s exactly what you think. As of Q4 2021, a fifth of U.S. employees indicated preferences to work “rarely” in the office, and another fifth indicated they would prefer to never come into the office.

Decision-makers that are faced with a looming lease expiration need to decide what their ideal layout is. But what are the options?

Baseline Scenario: Standard Space Allocation
  • Pre-pandemic, traditional 9-5, in-office workstyle
  • Individual desks
Scenario One:
  • Increased space utilization. Options for shared workspace for employee engagement, which can’t be replicated at home.
  • Flexibility and choice for in-person and work from home
  • Increased collaboration among employees
Scenario Two:
  • Reduce overall office space
  • Equip employees for an optimal work-from-home situation including tech
  • Potential for additional satellite offices to shorten commute and increase productivity.

These options aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your industry, business needs, and employees, you may need to tailor your office to be the best situation for you. If you’re ready to start exploring your options in Cleveland, Ohio, our office team is here to help you find office space in Cleveland and beyond. Contact us here to take your first step into an efficient and welcoming office, or check out some of our office listings here.


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