The Power of the Pop-Up Store

The Power of the Pop-Up Store There’s no doubt about it—from a commercial real estate perspective, 2019 will go down as the year of the pop-up. Traditionally, pop-up stores have been viewed a type of “placeholder” tenant; a consolation prize for landlords struggling to fill their retail spaces.  It’s true that in decades past, pop-ups … Continued

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Attract Top Talent With the Right Office Space

Attract Top Talent With Your Office Real Estate Each year, The Conference Board polls business executives to determine the biggest hot button issues in the business landscape. The organization recently released their 2020 survey results, which included input from nearly 750 CEOs and 800 other C-Suite executives. Out of all the issues that businesses face, … Continued

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High-Tech Polymer Company Relocates Back to Akron; Adds Millions to City’s Tax Base

Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO professional Fred Christie represented Promerus in the leasing of 38,000 square feet of industrial and office space located at 225 West Bartges Street in Akron. A subsidiary of Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd., Promerus is a technology-driven company that provides advanced material solutions for the semiconductor, optoelectronic and electronic packaging markets. … Continued

How to Calculate ROI on Investment Property

PropertyCalculate ROI for Real Estate Investment Property Are you interested in buying an office building as an investment, and planning to rent it out as a means of earning income? Investing in rental properties is a smart way to diversity your asset portfolio and increase your future wealth. It’s also a good way to boost … Continued

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5 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

5 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate Thinking about investing in commercial real estate? This can be a very exciting and rewarding endeavor, both financially and personally. Many investors get started in commercial real estate investment with the goal of securing more wealth.  However, commercial investment properties also offer other benefits: portfolio diversification, mitigated … Continued

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Tips for Purchasing or Leasing a Warehouse

Searching for a warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio? If so, this is likely an exciting—and perhaps stressful—time for your business. As businesses grow and expand, procuring new storage and distribution space is a natural next step. But this process can leave business owners with more questions than answers.  For instance, is it better to purchase or … Continued

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Broker Spotlight: Eliot Kijewski

Taking exceptional care of clients comes naturally to Eliot Kijewski. Although he initially thought he wanted to climb the corporate ladder after graduating from John Carroll University, he quickly realized his passion for sales so he shifted course to becoming a rep for a local industrial giant. He always had an interest in real estate, … Continued

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Cleveland’s 5 Most Iconic Buildings

5 Most Iconic Buildings in Cleveland Cleveland’s most iconic buildings have been a source of pride for local residents for more than a century. Many of these structures played pivotal roles in the development and success of Cleveland’s economy, and continue to serve as beacons of industry and culture. From opulent Neoclassical banks to historic … Continued

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The Value of Real Estate Preservation

The Value of Preservation When you drive past an old industrial complex or commercial block, what are you really seeing? To the untrained eye, these structures are nothing more than faded, ramshackle eyesores that should perhaps be torn down and replaced with something new. But at Cushman & Wakefield | CRESCO, we see these historic … Continued

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Land Banks: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

During the 2008 housing crisis, few regions were hit as hard as the greater Cleveland area. An astonishing number of mortgage and tax foreclosures, among other factors, led to a multi-billion dollar loss in Cuyahoga County’s real estate tax base. The market was in a state of utter chaos, and the future looked grim. In … Continued

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The Rise of Co-Working in Cleveland

Co-working is rapidly redefining the office work environment. This trend has been quickly gaining steam in recent years, but many people have been left wondering what all the hype is about. What exactly is co-working, and what’s driving this transformation? An Overview on Co-Working  One official definition of co-working is “the use of an office … Continued

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